A little bit about how I shoot

I prefer to shoot with natural light as it has a lovely soft quality and means there are no limitations from the light in catching that split second "moment" It's also far less daunting to little people, animals and even the adults. I also like to use available light such as lamps and street lights to create drama and interesting effects in shots. If a little more light is needed I prefer to use constant LED lights as they are more portable and easier to adjust quickly, especially with animals!

I also love to use fabrics, objects, glass etc to shoot through to create beautiful effects and love to shoot through windows etc for a different perspective.I also love quirky angles and perspectives and I'm not afraid to get a little dirty for the perfect shot.

I also like to use props a lot to relax the subject and add focus to a shoot.Give kids bubbles or a dog their favourite ball and they suddenly come alive! Personal items add a unique element to your images too.